Scott Thomas, MFA???
Private Scott Thomas Beauchamp -- still wondering about the MFA

Okinawa Jack has another cunning plan

Murtha has continued the Democrats headlong rush to get this war lost before Petraeus goes and does something crazy like winning it. His latest in the long-running but never popular cut and run series is here.

"This is big time," Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said of the upcoming fall debate. "When you get to September, this is history.....Also come September, Murtha said it is possible Democrats may not want to continue funding the war, or fund it in installments.

"We may decide in September we're not satisfied with what Gen. Petraeus says and we may hold it up," he said.

Murthagrowl So if they are not satisfied with what he says, not that it is not true, just that it doesn't fit their narrative, you know, W lied we lost. Then they will shut him down.  Murtha and his brain trust of Reid and Pelosi. God that even hurt to write as a joke. Anyhow these maroons have to deliver defeat or the hordes of fever swamp denizens will turn their torches and pitchforks on them.They are abandoning even the pretense that they will listen to Petraeus or anyone else. The die has been cast, we lost and we must bring our defeated forces home so they can all get therapy.

Murtha said he has his sights set on September and thinks that by then Republicans and the White House will jump on board.

Oh yeah I can see W jumping on the defeat train with a deranged old loser who called our Marines cold-blooded killers and has done his level best to hurt the efforts of anyone trying to win, Sure.

I think W needs to draw a line in the sand and tell the American people he believes the current COIN strategy is working and any changes could jeopardize that. Also that this success could lead to American troops returning next Summer in victory. But that he is keeping the troops on their current mission through the day he leaves office, unless the current success allows him to bring some home earlier. If Congress wants to declare defeat, make them do so openly and justify that to the American people in the face of an actual possible victory.