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RCT-6: Ten Thousand

Michael Yon - Bless The Beasts And The Children

Michael Yon has an important post on the war and our enemy. Reporting like this cannot be minimized. If our own press was responsible with our safety and security, they would be reporting things like this.

But they are not. You will never find an expose of our enemies ina MSM news article, at least not until they have accomplished their mission of ensuring that everything bad in the world is blamed on George W Bush, and a Dhimmicrat -- ANY Dhimmicrat, is firmly seated in the Oval Office.

Until then, remember that the people who did this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this..... I guess you get the picture.... do not care if you are a good person or if you are innocent. You do not meet their warped definition of a good Muslim, and that is enough reason for them to separate your head from your neck.

If you don't get the picture, there is no help for you. Logic escapes you. Realism and actual events cannot persuade you to change your world view. You are defined by your ability to deny that anyone could ever hate you and kill you just because you are American.

After all, that has never happened before that some one would kill another person solely because they weren't of the same religion, race, creed, or nationality. Would it?

Subsunk out.

PS, if Michael Yon doesn't deserve a tip to his tipjar from you, then nobody on this Earth does.