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Just Wanted to Say Hi to My Buddies in the AWRAC

Good friend and Blackfive reader, Uncle Ben, was recently traveling across the country and spotted a soldier sitting alone at an airport restaurant.  Ben walks over, introduces himself, and buys the soldier lunch.

Ben asks soldier, "What do you do for the Army?"

Soldier, "I'm in the Army's Web Risk Assessment Cell."

Ben, "What's that?"

Soldier, "We evaluate military blogs, web sites, My Space pages and the like for information that shouldn't be made public."

Ben, "You ever hear of Blackfive?"

Soldier laughs, "Yeah, we know him.  You?"

Ben, seeing an opportunity to gather intel kept him talking.  The rest of the conversation was interesting, but I don't want to embarrass or inadvertently get the MI soldier in trouble.  After all, I got the lobotomy and entered the MI Corps in the mid 90s.

Just wanted to send out "Hiyah, MI guys!"

Disclaimer:  While I find it somewhat funny to be monitored, I support the fact that the Army needs to evaluate soldier communications for OPSEC violations.  What I disagree with (from the beginning) is the manner in which the evaluation is conducted and communicated...I think the AWRAC is a good idea, no matter how much the Army blew the chance to get blogs done right via the regs.

More later...