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Iraqi Parliament takes a break

Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth since the Iraqi lawmakers have decided to chill for the month of August. This is not particularly helpful given the political situation back here, but we shouldn't expect them to live by our schedule. Our own Parliament of Whores does pretty much the same thing for the same reason, when it's stupid hot nobody makes good decisions or deals. Would it have been better if they had made an oil deal or some reconciliation work? Of course, but they weren't going to make any huge progress in this one month, and now we can pressure them to deal with things in their home districts.

Spare me the reminder that our troops are handling the same conditions outside in full battle rattle. I know, and I also know that I am sitting in an air-conditioned room wearing shorts and a t-shirt as I write this. But that is not relevant, if the troops want to take August off they can join the Iraqi Parliament or our Congress. I believe that falls under embracing the suck.

What they can do is continue to show the Iraqis that we can secure areas and they can live in relative peace. We can also meet with those same Iraq lawmakers as we have been doing with tribal leaders all over the country. We can drink tea and plan reconstruction projects and restore or implement the elements of a civil society. We can also make sure they know what our expectations are once they reconvene.

Vff_week_4 In the meantime there are some folks doing yeoman's work back here in the fight against those who would rather hang a victory on W than allow our troops the chance to win. Pete Hegseth and the Vets for Freedom have been hard at it in a ten week plan to keep the pressure on Congress. Now they are in week 4, which calls for folks to sign up to be in DC on 17 & 18 Sept. to tell Congress that pulling the plug as we are seeing progress would be shameful.