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High Priest convenes religious festival- Live Earth

If you don't think climate change is a religion you aren't paying attention. There was a time when it was just a cult, as all religions start out. But gain enough adherents and you graduate to status as a religion. The orgy of hypocrisy and carbon burning presided over by the Goracle points out just how many have drunk the kool aid and signed on to the global warming jihad. And I don't make that reference lightly. An overview of my religious thoughts is here.

The believers have already been actively purging apostates for a while in the scientific community. Now they have made it immoral to even question our culpability in killing the planet, while simultaneously exempting their priestly class of airhead celebrities from any personal responsibility. The problem I have is this same bunch of brainiacs so certain, as if their opinions were Gospel, were telling us about the Next Ice Age back in the '70s. I happen to be old enough to have read some of that garbahj, and to further expand my cred I read Al Gore's excremental "Earth in the Balance" and he should not be trusted to find his ass with both hands. Oh and what about this, among many other anomalies, detailing Greenland's past as a fertile and fecund wonderland much, much warmer than it is now. A Northern paradise, but how did it get so warm back way before us evil humans mucked up the place. The truth is they don't really know and there is no coherent model of climate change for the same reason the weatherman is clueless, it's too damn complicated. I think maybe it's the Sun, but then I'm a heretic to almost all religions.

So now we have a global religion hell bent on making sure all the industrialized countries prostrate themselves before Gaia. A nomenklatura of the aware herding the rest of the sheep out of their cars and onto the mass transit that will speed them to the self-contained, villages the eco-ristocracy envisions for it's flock.

Well Bite me Al et al, fill the emptiness in your life with something other than a feel-good god-less religion. It doesn't make it any more relevant than the obscurantist beliefs of any group claiming to know the will of an almighty God.  You're just subbing in Gaia for Jesus or Shiva. Now pardon me while I fire up my grill, my turkey fryer and head out back to burn some brush. Gratuitous dog picz below, note the stick she feels appropriate for fetch.