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Harry Reid- I'm surrendering as fast as I can

I often wonder what goes on in the heads of people like the awful Harry Reid, as he does everything within his power to try to defeat our military. I can't find a way to credit his good will any more. He is either certifiable or he prefers an Al Qaeda win to a US one. I realize that some of the Democrats are still claiming that our withdrawal will clear the way for peace, 'cuz the Iraqis really love each other, they just hated occupation. Riigghhtt.

No, most of the left has gone all the way to calling Iraq a loss, and gee Zawahiri noticed and used that to try and rally his troops. Ya' see Z and the dying in bunches jihadis know something the defeateds here don't. They are taking a severe ass-whippin'.

That is actually part of the reason for the clown cars emptying out in front of the Senate, with Harry and his heroic band of losers (of the war of course) steaming in to do anything but consider victory. Harry has no ideas, no strategy, and honestly no clue. If he believes the words that spew from his face he is fine with an Iraqi slaughter of Bibli-Koranic proportions, and granting Al Qaeda a victory, as well as leaving a vacuum that Iran will turn into another client state. But he will be damned if he will countenance any more of this victory talk.

I just can't wrap my tiny little brain around how he thinks allowing those things to happen makes us safer in any way. I guess at the reductio ad absurdum level the troops who come home will be safer, but unlike Harry they also understand that winning this war makes a nuclear Iran with expansionist intentions less likely. Let alone the mayhem a currently reeling Al Qaeda in Iraq could wreak if given the chance to rest and refit in a lawless Iraq. They know that AQ would call this a win and that would give all kinds of punks with jihad in mind a huge morale boost. The Dems cry that Iraq is a recruiting tool for AQ and they are right, that is an unintended consequence, but it ignores the fact that these recruits are being swatted like flies. It's not like some elite cadre of super-terrorists has been trained who now have the most fantastic methods for burying bombs in the dirt. The only major improvement to the first IED came from Iran, not AQ and the thousands of jihadi cannon fodder who have blown themselves up or been returned to their component molecules by precision munitions.

Al Qaeda was already at war with us everywhere on earth before we went into Iraq. They now have decided that is as good a place as any for the battle to restore the Caliphate and because some war opponents predicted that, they declare another defeat. Wrong, it is hardly ideal but honestly the terrain and the people of Iraq are much more favorable to us than the Pakistan/Afghan border where we had very little chance of a major military operation yielding Bin Laden or others. Matter of fact we learned that we just flat can't operate in those areas well enough to do more damage to the bad guys than they can to us. This is made even less possible because of the tender hold Musharraf actually has on power in Pakistan. We never had permission to cross into Pakistan in force to chase bad guys as that would have brought a civil war there. So Musharraf tried appeasement as one of many bad moves he had to choose from and ceded Waziristan to AQ , and the other extremists in the area. Well that civil war he was avoiding was likely kicked off by the recent Red Mosque beat down and we may actually get permission to help save his ass by laying some scunion on the crazies up in Waziristan to stop them Islamifying the whole country.

So again the idea that Iraq is some terrorist Shangri-La is just silly. The bulk of the recruits get the keys to an old Toyota and a map to the market. Some freakin' super genius it takes to mastermind that. Now, if there was just a  car ferry to America. The only thing the Caliphate Crusaders have learned is that Americans are still weak as schoolgirls when it comes to blood and struggle. They know they just need to outlast our attention and outrage span, because we sure don't have a knack for strategery. We would rather feel good right now, than understand that we will reap a whirlwind that will cost so much more if we leave in defeat.

So here we are, surge troops in place and kickin' ass, COIN strategy showing gains and before we can even get a report from the Commander making it happen, we have the defeateds surrendering as fast as they can.

Harry needs to lose this war before Petraeus and the COIN strategy powered by the bad asses of our military wins the damn thing. I'm betting on the real men & women v. the thin-lipped, milquetoast, cream-in-the-coffee, cadaver.

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