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The New Republic's Correspondent a Fake?

Gen. Petraeus & Uncle J- Eye to Eye on Dead Tangos

It's always nice to know that the guy holding the clue bag is singing the same song.

My bit from last night

The Dems cry that Iraq is a recruiting tool for AQ and they are right, that is an unintended consequence, but it ignores the fact that these recruits are being swatted like flies. It's not like some elite cadre of super-terrorists has been trained who now have the most fantastic methods for burying bombs in the dirt The only major improvement to the first IED came from Iran, not AQ and the thousands of jihadi cannon fodder who have blown themselves up or been returned to their component molecules by precision munitions.....So again the idea that Iraq is some terrorist Shangri-La is just silly. The bulk of the recruits get the keys to an old Toyota and a map to the market. Some freakin' super genius it takes to mastermind that.

Gen. Petraeus today on Hugh Hewitt's radio show.

Iraq is not a breeding ground for terrorists, but a burying ground. General Petraeus, from my interview with him this morning:

[A]s you know, we try to avoid body counting, but inevitably, obviously, it is something we keep track of, because we're trying to have some sense of the damage we are doing to al Qaeda-Iraq, its affiliates, other Sunni insurgent groups, and also certainly to the Shia militia extremist elements. And the answer to that in a general sense is that they are losing many, many hundreds of their, of these different elements each month, certainly since the onset of the surge.

Dead, like bugs. Oh and for the record, I catch moths in my house and let them go outside. But, I giggle my ass off as I contemplate the backlog in Paradise as Allah has to try and find enough goats for all the recently room temperature.