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Friday Freefly- Surge against the Surge II

Opposing the Defeated Opposition-

Years of media doomsaying coupled with ignorant yet calculating political conniving have created a climate where the US Congress has declared defeat. Today's vote in the House sems to me to be the first actual declaration of defeat in our country's history. I'm not sure vis a vis the debacle leaving Vietnam, but even so does that comparison help make the Dem's disgrace less so? NO!

I have always despised politics, but now to watch the lives of my friends held hostage by the likes of Reid (The TLMCITCC), Pelosi, and the rest of the strategically-challenged is beyond galling reaching infuriating. So that brings us to the Freefly, minus Kev but full of righteous indignation. 

First Surge episode here- Surge Against the Surge & Why I was wrong about Rumsfeld

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