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Beauchamp: Silence and the Severity of the Matter

Private Beauchamp and the bravest Chaplain in the World

When left wing bloggers attack...

Greyhawk responds:

It's really sad to see someone claim they have ultimate moral authority to insult women and kill dogs without anyone questioning their character just because they've been to Iraq.

Greyhawk, in Iraq, is obviously insulted by the reaction that we're getting from the left wing.  Apparently, killing dogs, insulting women, etc. is standard operating procedure for a military man (did you get the memo?).  I would pay attention to Mudville on this topic if I were you.

And it's okay for Andrew Sullivan to get all worked up over this without any evidence...after all, Sully seems to insinuate that Abu Ghraib and Gitmo are systemic of the least he admits he doesn't know what he's talking about:

Look: I don't know the roots of everything Scott Thomas Beauchamp has written. If there are aspects to his first-person accounts that do not pan out, we need to know. But so far, there's no evidence of anything wrong. So far, the hysteria says far more about the hysterics than about TNR.

Sully might apologize, I'll give him that, when it comes to light that Beauchamp is an Appeal For Redress type of Asstroturfer and one who's connected to TNR and one who is either lying about or complicit in violations of the ROE.  I'll get into that shortly with Beauchamp's own words.

The rest of the leftwingosphere has been equally lacking in understanding what's happening.  Some reading Jimbo's post think he's calling Jihad on Beauchamp when in fact Jimbo is saying what you all are thinking...that the soldiers of Alpha Company are not too happy with Scott making up (liar) or embellishing (I am a writer, dammit!) or outright telling the truth (Blue Falcon) right now.  If that's surprising to you, you are lacking a distinct understanding of group dynamics.

Cole, who used to be reasonable, looks like he suffers from BDS (and looks for our take on Tilman and Lynch - which are available via something called "Google" - we haven't commented on the latest theory that he was intentionally murdered).  I'm disappointed.

Speaking of hate...maybe John and his readers might examine this piece by Beauchamp and see if it fits any kind of reality about the military.  Here is a post from May 8th, 2006, from Private Beauchamp:

"Shit, I don't know...put a 556 in his head"
On the street below the mans brown face dissolves into a thick red mist. The lights in the cities houses shut off in unison. Elecricity rationing. Water rationing too. You ever tried to survive for more than a few hours in hundred and twenty degree weather without water? In the streets the kids bodies start convulsing in semi-orgasmic rhythms. Their pants fill up with shit and piss and the smart ones sneak out to the fields to hidden caches of water jugs and trinkets of candy from the american soldiers.
"See that sarge, kids digging or something?"
"Well, better safe then sorry. Cap his ass Leclaire."
"You sure sarge?"
"Well, im either right or wrong. And if I'm wrong im still right because i could have been right even though i was wrong."
They watch the sliver of red sun fall slower and slower, silhouetting the little barbarians falling bodies. The Chaplain turns and walks back towards the FOB in contemplation. Gotta rack out early tonight. Handing out bibles in the marketplace tomorrow, early. Unintelligible rap blares out of the open doors of the HUMVEE.

The Chaplain was there?  Right! Handing out bibles in the market place in Iraq?  Right!  It's all meme (verbatim) bull$#!*. If the killing "the little barbarians" is true, then Beauchamp, Leclaire and the Chaplain should be investigated for a violation of the ROE in May 2006.

Is this exactly the same kind of writing that Beauchamp has written for TNR?  The above is either fiction or some serious allegations of crimes (let alone a chaplain handing out bibles in a muslim marketplace...).

When the military bloggers get blamed for outing this piece of garbage, the left decides to defend a self-described war criminal.

Almost unbelievable.

I'll leave the last word for commenter "arch" who left this gem:

If Scott Beauchamp wants to become a writer, he needs to buy a copy of E.B. White's Elements of Style. The 100+ word sentence he wrote is, in itself, a war crime. I'm sure the army is preparing him well for his likely civilian vocation - janitorial service.