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Bleu Beau: Astroturfing? And Let The Pushback Begin

Right now, there really isn't much more to say about this POS than has been said. Two points to think about this morning are as follows:

1. Was this another astroturf effort? You know, a "grassroots" thing that is anything but grassroots? This story truly does make one wonder a bit about that possibility, as in the real reasons for volunteering?

2. The chickenhawk meme is in full force, and here at Chickenhawk Manor a rather weak additional meme has predictably made it's appearance. That creature is the "wish them harm" meme, which is usually quite small and insubstantial, perhaps similar to the reason and intellect of those making it. Trust me, the people here rarely make threats. Promises, yes; threats, no. When such is made, there is no doubt it has been made. As Jimbo has already pointed out, Bleu Beau has royally spat and shat not just on all American forces, but on those around him in particular. Do you think anyone really likes having such flung on them? Do you think they are going to think it a great joke or an honor to go through what they are now going through? All because of someone who may have, er, mislead them as to why he joined, what he was doing, and why he was doing it? Yeah, he needs to check six. Telling someone like Bleu Beau that they need to be careful is not a threat: it is in no way saying that others should go beat him up, give him a blanket party, or frag him. It is a simple statement of fact because he has royally screwed the people who would otherwise have his back. It takes a great deal of, er, mental flexibility (the ability to twist concepts into rather elaborate oragami that bears no structural, spatial, or even temporal relationship to the source material) and even -- dare I say -- mendacity to somehow equate this into a threat. The fact is, had I done to my team mates here what he has done to his, I would be checking six too.

Hmmmm. Then again, everyone has a price. A good seven figure advance and I can come up with Tales from Chickenhawk Manor and spin some BS dish the dirt too. Make it a very good advance, as I may have to find the price of some others. Meantime, here is a tidbit for enticement: Matt really isn't what he seems. He doesn't drink, smoke, party, or do any of those other things. As for what he wears on his head as he capers around, well, cough up that advance and we'll see. Trust me, for the right advance it will be good.

Meantime, our posts on this subject can be found (in rough chronological order by author) here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I am going to have to publically disagree with Uncle Jimbo, t-shirt-babe-at-large, on one point. The mess at TNR was not unavoidable. They could easily have avoided it by following some basic standards of journalism. Once they did not do so, however, the need to call it for what it was became truly unavoidable.

Meantime, want to support some real journalism? Then go make a donation to Michael Yon, J.D. Johannes, Michael J. Totten, and -- most especially -- PMI. The more informational boots-on-the-ground, the harder it is to pull this type of [deleted by editor, remember I have that bar of soap] and the harder it is for the enemy to continue to win the information war.