Will Murtha Be Censured?

Best wishes to Wild Bill Guarnere

Tip from Red C1C4 about one of the Band of Brothers who is in the hospital, Wild Bill Guarnere.

You can read a bit and there is a pic of Wild Bill as well here.

And MK Ham may not have brought us  HamNation, but she did liveblog the conference call with Sen. McCain of the "My campaign is over, I just haven't noticed" party.

[Blackfive busts in to share one this post from two years ago with a picture taken by Wild Bill during Market Garden]

Uncle J sneaks back in to say he will be on St. Louis 97.1 TALK with Jamie Allman who has an excellently smart-assed blog called BullMooseAmerica. You can listen live at 0830 am Monday morning at the 97.1 link and even call in.