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AQI "Roll Up"

General Bergner's briefing today focused on Coalition efforts to roll up Al Qaeda in Iraq, to give a sense of just how serious AQI's involvement in the current terror is.  You can see his briefing streaming at the Pentagon Channel.  If you'd like to read his briefing instead, you can do so:

Download 20070711_11_JUL_Press_Handout_Verson_with_slides.pdf

A closeup of the slides is here:

Download 20070711_AQI_roll_up.pdf

General Bergner's remarks focused on terrorists captured and killed, massive truck bombs stopped, lessons learned from captured terrorists, and the fact that the AQI message from Zawahiri called Iraq both "the gateway to victory" for Al Qaeda's worldwide plans, but also spoke of "discord" being caused by the tribes turning against them.  He called for more foreign support, as support within Iraq is not as reliable as once (before, one presumes, the Iraqis learned that training with al Qaeda only means that they'll run away and leave you to the Marines when the fight comes; and then slip back and bomb your women and children afterwards).

Following his press conference, there was a Blogger Roundtable with him.  I'll post the transcript to that when it is available.