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Apache Pilots Rescue Wounded Soldier - Part II (the Video)

RE:  Apache Pilots Rescue Wounded Soldier, Kill Insurgents

Here is the video of a helicopter rescue from Task Force Marne (3rd Infantry Division). Scenes include aerial footage of the Apache helicopter in flight with Soldiers strapped to a wing of the craft, the crash site and the landing of the helicopter.  I believe that the pilot is Chief Warrant Officer 4 Purtee and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Crist rides on the wing since severely wounded Specialist Jamaleldine rode in the copilot/gunner seat.

Update:  The DoD attached the wrong pilots to the aircraft on the video.  The Washington Post has the awesome story of the second Apache rescue - this time, a Kiowa is shot down and the Apache goes in for the rescue.  The Apache was from the 1-227th ARB, 1st Air Cavlary BDE, 1st Cavalry Division.


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