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A Reminder: The Bill Roggio / BlackFive Joint Embed

Last night, I talked to the "other half" of PMI, Bill Roggio's partner Paul.  He has all the same complaints we all have with the AP, with Reuters, with the NYT.  After years of watching them do all the things we've all griped about, he ran into Bill's writing, and decided to take a risk.  They've staked their families' resources on this venture -- a nonprofit venture, at that -- and the belief that people out there want the truth.

That's kind of a brave thing to do, I thought, but Paul shrugged.  "There's a lot of guys out there with more at risk than us," he said.  "All those guys in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and everywhere else we're fighting terror."

We've all said we want to do something about the MSM.  We at are glad to be part of one of PMI's first reporting ventures, an embed with Special Forces in the Philippines.  We hope that's only the beginning for these joint BlackFive/Bill Roggio projects.  Help us help them, and change the way the information war works.

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