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Yes, We Have Noticed

Yes, we have noticed the interesting activity in the comments, including the rather lame effort at hijacking the handles of regular and well-regarded participants.  If you are a regular poster and see a comment attributed to you that you did not make, then drop an e-mail to Blackfive (or Grim, myself, or Jimbo) and we will take care of it.  

If you are one of the trolls and you or a group invested in the IP hopping, you might want to consider getting your money back. Just a thought.

One final note: don't take some things at face value. If someone sounds like a caricature, such as what a moonbat thinks a wingnut sounds like, might want to consider that they might not be what they seem. Excessive hyperventilation might be a distraction...

Oh, and on a personal note, most of the troll droppings are pretty lame, IMO. Not even good entertainment value.