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Wesley Clark reminds us why he got fired

During the last election those in the Democratic party smart enough to know John Kerry's warrior pose was not going to fly, looked to Wesley Clark as the answer. Problem is they were overlooking the fact that Wes came one principled British officer away from starting WWIII in a fit of pique. Now he has played the lamest of all cards calling Joe Lieberman a chickenhawk. I would like to state that calling CH is right there with Nazi, you have instantly lost.

Wes was NATO Commander and running things in Kosovo, when for one of the very first times we worked directly with Russian troops in a peace-keeping role. Gen. Clark inaugurated our inaugural operation with a new ally, by ordering a British General to militarily interdict the Russians as they attempted to occupy the airport they believed they were to safeguard and operate from. Wes had other ideas and absent Gen. Mike Jackson of the British Army, he would have picked a fight with a country we had just ended 40 years of Cold War with. I can hardly emphasize the tremendously poor judgment that would put a nascent relationship with the most dangerous nation we have ever had a beef with in jeopardy. At most it was an administrative dispute about which units from the same team would handle which sectors, Clark escalated things in a way that showed his complete unsuitability for great responsibility.

One month later Wes was relieved and put out to pasture, rightfully so. Some of this was relayed to me by a person who was there but most is public knowledge. If I had to choose between Wesley Clark and Joe Lieberman to run our foreign and security policy as Commander in Chief, Congratulations President Lieberman.