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Vikings remind Jihadis- Ya' don't scare me none

Some may question the timing of this, but my people saw fit to point out to the Islamists that they have lopped a few heads off themselves. The fact that this occurred the same weekend that I was reunioning with Hansons, Swansons and Piersons should be dismissed as pure Kismet. I mean we're Swedes, they're Danes, totally different. Although I would have to say this is one issue where much common ground is shared.

The Gates of Vienna did the reporting on this and shows that blogs are breaking more and more stories. The Danes hold a festival where a witch has customarily been burned to drive out evil. Well this year they decided that there was another more representative evil than a witch, so they burned Bomb-Head Mohammed in effigy instead. And the whole thing is set to a twisted Light my Fire remake, like a Danish Death Metal lounge singer version. Go to Gates of Vienna and read the translation of the Danish at the beginning and enjoy a beautiful example of free speech and tolerance.

The reason this should and must be done is to provoke the barbaric, deranged, uncivilized response that will follow like clockwork. Islamic Rage Boy will rage, and we will be treated to a choice between appeasing an unthinking beast hoping it eats us last or showing it our steel. Thank you my Danish brothers, I have had my stone working my sword as well. To the jihadis I join the Danes in reminding you that we will countenance any religious BS you want to practice, right up until you try push it on us. Ya' don't scare me none either, so back off 'cuz payback's a medevac.