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US troops Nazis, according to anti war weasels

I have always had fairly cordial relations with the large collection of liberals, progressives, moonbats, anarchists and other assorted lefties here in Madison. I've even been to an Independence Day Tea Party and Re-Revolution that was decent theater. This truce was tested on Memorial Day when some anti-war wankers decided to try and stop me from filming in a public park. It didn't work out for 'em and it made me question their peacefullness.

Well now they have gone and stepped right over the line. It's always a sign of the sorriness of your argument when you have to play the Nazi card, but it doesn't mean we have to let it slide. Madison area reader Bob sent me this piece of shite that was hung up in a local grocery store.

Nazi_bs_poster If this is how they wanna play then I can sure as hell take the gloves off. I will be there with bells on and already invited my buddy Don from Memorial Day up. Now I will put out an invite to anyone around the Mad City who thinks this deserves an answer.

The sad thing is that they immediately turn themselves into punks by making the reference and don't seem to care. At least we can get that whole "Supporting the troops" BS out the window. Even the unhinged haters on the left can't spin a Nazi reference into support. What complete jackasses to blatantly insult the people who give them the freedom to act so disrespectfully.

I don't know exactly who is behind this garbage, but sadly it seems to represent the sentiments of far too many of these clowns and that well and truly chafes my cones.
So game on, you sorry losers. You can chant your chants, but I'm bringing the rants, and I will be heard.