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US Army A/4-277 Air Recon Battalion Nabs Insurgents

Brigadier General Bergner showed this video on CNN's Situation Room of insurgents in Iraq (Baghdad) .  Taken by Alpha of 4-277 Air Recon Battalion of the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, they observed insurgents setting up rockets to launch from a school yard intended to land inside the Green/International Zone in Baghdad.

The synopsis of the mission:

On June 17th, a helicopter on a routine recon flight saw several rockets set up in a school yard and ready for launch into the Green zone.  More helicopters are called in and find three insurgents attempting to hide more rockets from the helicopters.  The pilots call in the Quick Response Force (QRF) to check out the school yard.  [This is the same school yard where a rocket attack was launched recently, killing one Iraqi in the Green Zone and wounding several others.  The yard is hidden from ground observation so our air recon troops have been waiting for these guys to show themselves again...]

The QRF brought Explosive Ordnance Detail troops, and the EOD determined that the rockets are of Iranian origin.

Six insurgents were apprehended as a result of the observation and QRF action.