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Travis Patriquin and the Heroes Run (to benefit the children of our Fallen Soldiers)

RE:  Godspeed Travis Patriquin

Captain Patriquin's father, Gary, sends this note:

I wasn't sure when I was going to write to Thank You for posting my son Captain Travis Patriquin.

This was our 1st Memorial Weekend without our son. I never thought of us as a military family. As a child I saw pictures of my grandfather in his uniform, I knew my Dad and Uncles were in the War and my own brothers served too but you never really look at your Family as a Military Family. It's just Family. I discovered that I am now in a bigger Family. It is something that I didn't realize and I am sorry that I didn't see it before,but a loss of a son just doesn't mean that I lost a son or my daughter-in-law lost her husband or my grandchildren lost a father but in the whole picture we lost another American. An American who loved life but was willing to lay his life on the line for our Freedom. Yes, I lost a son but I am sure that my son would lay his life on the line again so we can enjoy our Liberties and having the Freedom to live as we want.

On July 28, 2007 we are sponsoring a 5 K Run called the Heroes Run. We have a web site that I wish people would check it out. We hope this run will be an annual event.

I just want to Thank You again and please remember our Soldiers.

Gary Patriquin

Here's the link to Heroes Run in Lockport, Illinois (Chicago suburb - I'm in school that weekend but maybe we can get Blackfive pal and Lockport resident Sergeant Steve to run it).  Be sure to sponsor or donate - this event benefits the children of our Fallen Soldiers.