US, Polish, and Iraqi SF Engage Militia
Outbound Flight, Inbound Fight

To Readers In England, Wales, and Scotland

Yesterday was interesting, today just upped the ante. Be careful out there.


I made this back in 05 based on an older roundel that you still see in some areas and older stations. I have used and liked the tube since I was 12, and thought it appropriate to express my opinion. The Gaelic is from my Clan, and means Fierce When Roused. May those who seek to oppress, or engage in terror, learn that it applies to far more than just Clan Donnachaidh (Robertson and Duncan, along with a host of sept names; the Clan being one of the few that kept the Gaelic name).


UPDATE: Sky News is reporting Blackpool airport being closed by armed police; other reports are indicating other activity as well. To our readers over there: Be careful. To the rest, keep them in your thoughts, and think a bit about how British troops fighting are now having to worry about their families.