Heroic Pilots Land Helicopter After Being Shot
Assisting the Border Patrol...In Iraq - Marine's Mission In his own words

This Weekend at the Movies


Photo above via the big Ragu.

FYI -  took my wife on a date to see Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End.  Since there is not enough time to esplain, let me sum up: The first half of Pirates At World's End was good, energentic, and fun (although the beginning where children were executed by hanging was completely inappropriate for a Disney movie, no matter the rating); however, the second hour and a half was a complete waste of time.  Complete. Waste. Of. Time.  The plot to raise the goddess of the sea went nowhere after an hour and the ending was totally ambiguous...just horrible.  At one point, I actually asked my wife what the he!! was going on.

Don't go see it.