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Heroic Pilots Land Helicopter After Being Shot

The editors of the New York Times Still Biased

Check this out. 

U.S. Forces Kill Afghan Police Officers

KABUL, Afghanistan, June 12 — American-led forces killed seven Afghan policemen and injured five more in an exchange of fire early this morning that Afghan police officials said was a result of mistaken identity....

It is not until four paragraphs down that we read the other side of the story:

...A spokesman for the coalition forces said that members of a coalition unit were on their way to carry out an operation at a Taliban house in the Shirzad district of Nengrahar province on Monday night when they were ambushed and attacked with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire.

The coalition forces returned fire and called in air support...

Yes, indeed, US Forces killed seven Afghan police officers...AFTER they were ambushed by them.  That is according to the NYTimes own story.

If you look at the AP, the headline is a bit more descriptive and less anti-US and the opening paragraph at least spells out what happened:

U.S. mistakenly kills 7 Afghan police
By AMIR SHAH Associated Press Writer
© 2007 The Associated Press

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan police mistook U.S. troops on a nighttime mission for Taliban fighters and opened fire on them early Tuesday, prompting U.S. forces to return fire and call in attack aircraft. Seven Afghan police were killed...

I wonder why Afghan police didn't know the difference between US Forces and the Taliban.  The Taliban using US-like vehicles these days?