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Assorted aggravations

Here is a link to my bit yesterday on 97.1 TALK with Allman in the Morning, it was fun and I look forward to a week from Monday June 18 at 0830 again.

Scooter Libby faces sentencing today and this will be a telling moment. At most he ought to get a short stint in a federal squash playing facility, and it wouldn't even be wrong if he walked with probation. That would be lovely just to hear the caterwauling from the outraged left. Now given that all Scoot is accused of is lying about what he said when, he doesn't need to make big rocks into little ones. Oh, and Valerie Plame needs to shut her cakehole and quit grandstanding every place she can find. I assume she has done some service to the nation previously, but now she is simply a narcissistic embarrassment. Uh buh bye.

Funny how all the usual suspects have decided to belittle the JFK terror plot, with the NY Times burying it on page 37 and Keith Olberman, I know he is too big an ass to count but they still watch him, that idiot is trying to portray every success against terror as all faked by W and Rove for political purposes. He is the kind of willing fool who really ought to be seated on a rocket sled to hell alongside the JFK jerks and the Fort Dix pricks.

And how in the hell did we manage to screw up the Military Commissions act so that a judge at Gitmo is throwing out charges on a technicality. How freakin' hard can it be to pass a law that at least uses the correct language to describe the depraved scum we are holding there and allow us to tribunalize and then shut the door on them forever? I mean enemy combatant, unlawful enemy combatant let's pick a term and then finish a job we should have handled years ago.

Boy it's a good thing W is such a good judge of character having looked into Putin's soul and proclaimed him a good man. I mean there is an upside to his turning Russia into a gargantuan criminal enterprise, dismantling all the freedoms won since the fall of the Soviet Union and resuming the nuclear gamesmanship of the Cold War, right? Putin has proved he is willing to cut off oil and other vital supplies to countries in the region that depend on Russia, this is definitely not a positive development.

I can still remember the relief I felt when Bush finally beat Gore and I knew we would not have to deal with the appeasers and hacks and awful policies that would surround an Al Gore or then a John Kerry presidency. I wonder why I felt so relieved?

I know, I know but dag W is making it tough to give him credit for the few things he gets right.