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Retired Marine and Police Chief Save the Day on Northwest Flight 720

Jeff sends the link to a great Boston Globe story about two guys deciding to take some action on a flight from Minneapolis to Boston.  It begins:

Graying duo keep passenger in check
By Kevin Cullen, Globe Staff  |  June 5, 2007

Shortly before landing, Bob Hayden and a flight attendant had agreed on a signal: When she waved the plastic handcuffs, he would discreetly leave his seat and restrain an unruly passenger who had frightened some of the 150 people on board a Minneapolis-to-Boston flight Saturday night with erratic behavior.

Hayden, a 65-year-old former police commander, had enlisted a gray-haired gentleman sitting next to him to assist. The man turned out to be a former US Marine.

"I had looked around the plane for help, and all the younger guys had averted their eyes. When I asked the guy next to me if he was up to it, all he said was, 'Retired captain. USMC.' I said, 'You'll do,' "Hayden recalled...

The rest of the interesting tale is here at the Boston GlobeYou just have to see Mrs. Hayden's comments at the end of the piece (they're priceless).

Those "younger guys" Mr. Hayden mentions should be ashamed of themselves...