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RCT-6: 6,000

I learned about six  minutes ago that the 6,000th email has just come in.  The winner of the first flag was a lady who sent a short but loving email to our Marines.

Sgt. Deboard had originally joked that 'we won the Gulf war' in less time than it was taking to get all these emails, but of course that only counts the ground operations.  If you count the whole Desert Storm phase, from the 17 Jan 91 air raids to the end of ground operations, we've come in well ahead of the clock.

I knew you could make six thousand happen if you put your minds to it.  You did.  However many more come in in future days, we can all be proud of the support you've shown to our Marines.

Thank you all.

If you still haven't sent your email, there are still two flags to win, for the 10,000th and 20,000th emails.  Write to:

[email protected]

Watch their blog, also.  I expect some celebrations, as soon as they have time to put one together.  Perhaps they'll give us a photo of the stack at six thousand.