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Prayer and support for our troops

Many of you know that General Petraeus has announced the beginnings of combat operations in Iraq now that the surge forces are in place.

"Kinetic" doesn't do justice to the description of what is now happening. 

On Sunday, a friend of mine brought the chaplain to his area to speak to his men.  There's only one reason to "bring in" the chaplain.  The @#$% is about to hit the @#$%ing fan and the leaders know it.

Here's a note from another pal of mine in the middle of it:

Serious fight taking shape.  City is surrounded.  So far the plan seems to be going well.  There is fighting within Baqubah.  Casualties on both sides.

Take a moment to donate to:

Unfortunately, their help will be needed in the coming weeks and months.

A prayer for General Petraeus and our soldiers, beset by the enemy and our own oily politicians, wouldn't hurt either.

Update: Speaking of prayers, Mike Yon has an update about his activities and how we got to this point in time in Iraq.  Mike is sure to be in the middle of the fighting by now.  He posts a prayer, but you should say one for him too (although, knowing him, he'd rather you direct those thoughts and prayers to the troops - send him one, anyway).