Diyala Fight
Retired Marine and Police Chief Save the Day on Northwest Flight 720

Matt Sanchez from Fallujah

So another guy from our team packs his gear to go take a look at the truth on the ground v. the truth on the news and, make sure you're sitting down, the media lies. stunned silence. I know, well go read Matt's reports and catch a little reality.

Reader Tom D sends a link to an Iraq Business Directory, now that can't be a bad sign.

And since I cracked so hard on my local peaceniks for failure to comprehend Memorial Day, I should be square when they play fair. Today they were out on the Capitol Square and they were having volunteers lie down on the sidewalk, then they would chalk their outline and the volunteer would write the name and date they died in the outline. Then they would read the name and hometown followed by a nice paragraph about the person. I disagree with them on the war, but this was a very respectful way to protest it and also memorialize those who died. Pity they didn't think of this for, oh I don't know,  about a week ago.

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