The AP US Army Public Affairs Fabricates Story
Blogger Roundtable on Iraqi Kurdistan

Hot Air sells out

Congrats to Michelle Malkin and her partners in crime at Hot Air who have been picked up by Pajamas Media. This signals the beginning of a media juggernaut that makes the MSM quiver.

The Vent for today is the outtakes from human dung beetle Adam Gadahn, I actually got an earlier tape from that oxygen thief a while back when he was advising us to convert now and avoid the rush.

After their call last week for all of us to convert to the Religion of Peace, it seems AQ has been deluged with applications from willing submitters. This led my main man, Al Qaeda tool of choice Adam Gadahn to put back on his Azzam the American turban and greet the fresh sheep errr goats, well whatever. I got a copy of the vid with my application packet from sources in the intel community.

UPDATE: Mary Katharine is adding to the video goodness to day with a Ham Nation interview of moistened bint Britney Spears. Do ya' think all this linking to MKH is gonna tip her off that I'm a little sweet on her?