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Harry Reid, real men, and last nerves

This calls for a full Uncle J beatdown and hopefully I can film a good one tonight, but for now.

Harry Reid needs to hush his drooling cakehole, period. He no longer has anything even vaguely useful to say and his disrespect to Gens. Pace & Petraeus has earned him the clown of the year award.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "incompetent" during an interview Tuesday with a group of liberal bloggers, a comment that was never reported.

Reid made similar disparaging remarks about Army Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, said several sources familiar with the interview.

You have got to be s**ting me! Harry Reid calling anyone incompetent is like Michael Moore calling them fat or Bill Clinton calling them unfaithful. Aside from the fact that they are both hugely accomplished men, for a thin-lipped, milquetoast, cream in the coffee, cadaver like Harry Reid to mouth off to them is just sorry. To do so simply to score political points with the hater wing of your party just points out how much trouble the Dems are in once the rest of the country gets a belly full of the nutroots.

Woudn't you just love for Reid, Petraeus and Pace to meet up in a Men's room and have the two Men give him a swirly prior to reminding him that he's not allowed up on the porch with the big dogs? Not to rub it in, but hasn't Harry Reid sucked Hoover as Majority Leader? Doesn't Mitch McConnell keep punking him on every gutless maneuver Reid attempts, every slap at our troops, every weaseling about timetables, and Reid has the unmitigated gall to call these men incompetent? Somebody needs to help this pitiful old fool to the sidelines, he's even making me feel bad for the Dems. Well, not really.

UPDATE: Cro who has the most excellent blog Military Motivator has today's tidbit of wisdom for us. He does these daily and ought to be a coffee-time motivational stop.