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Catching Up: The Walter and Adam Fund (3/2 Stryker Cav)

Mrs. du Toit reminds me that I meant to point some of you over to Kim du Toit's place. last week, before I was 'overtaken by events' I haven't mentioned here.  Let me point you in the right direction now.

A long time ago now, he and his readers undertook to adopt a couple of snipers from the Deuce Four Infantry, Walter Gaya and Adam Plumondore.  The Nation of Riflemen, as Kim was calling his site then, made sure they had only the best when they went to Iraq. 

Unfortunately, even the best gear isn't perfect.  Sgt. Plumondore was killed in action, and Sergeant Gaya wounded.  You can read about them, their lives and families, by following the links at the piece mentioned above.

Kim and his band are not daunted, but have adopted the 3/2 Stryker Cav, as the old Deuce Four was reflagged into this new unit.  The Nation of Riflemen has collected over seven thousand dollars so far to buy upgrades for our fighting men.

Now that's supporting the troops.  Kim's Riflemen, like Soldier's Angels, are some people you should know.