Immigration defeat a win for Social Security
Western media and Democrats ape Japanese propaganda

Some things to see

Mike Yon - indispensable resource.

SGT Guardsman has created a great video tribute about the children of soldiers.

And here's a video of the 2nd BCT of the 10th Mountain Division making it's 100th Air Assault yesterday (June 28th, 2007). Scenes include night vision footage of Soldiers waiting to load into helicopters before the mission, riding in helicopters and patrolling the Iraqi countryside. Video by Sgt. Scott Pittillo and Spc. Alexandria Corneiro.

[The Blackfive Military Video Channel on YouTube is located here (attacks, memorials, briefings, rescues, and some Guinness.]

[Uncle Jimbo's YouTube Channel is here (for righteous Friday Free-Flys among other things).]