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Islamic civil war- Secular moderates v. Islamists

A grand alliance to save Palestine

Since all of the nascent democracy projects in the Middle East are going so well, it would be a great time to double down right? I mean Iraq is a pastoral paradise and now the Palestinians are showing a taste for the fruit of the liberty tree themselves. Let freedom reign eh?

There have been some recently who look at these faltering efforts and would claim they validate the idea that Arabs or Muslims or some combination of both is incompatible with liberal democracy. That is a little premature and rather than cashing out on the idea, maybe we should raise the stakes.

We are doing all we can in Iraq, but what about the Palestinians. Since they used their votes to elect a bunch of terrorist thugs then they deserve what they are getting and we should just stand back and watch? We could under the Derbyshire Construct "Rubble doesn't cause trouble", but that doesn't take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Israel and the Palestinians is the one conflict everyone seems to have an investment in, heck even the Baker Study Groups said it is key to even winning Iraq. That's not certain at all, but there is one common thread in both.......Iran.

Hamas is an Iranian tool and a barbaric Islamist terrorist group. The down side of that whole democracy thing is that the people are an ass, and so you can end up with Hamastan under development in Gaza and soon spreading to the West Bank.....Unless.

The actions by Hamas have been egregious enough to justify an intervention by any civilized nation on purely humanitarian grounds. They have been a whoopin' and a whompin' , tossing folks off buildings, stomping them to death in public squares, you know just blowing off steam. They even managed to pick up a whole stockpile of brand new Army gear that I'm sure they will find a way to beat into plowshares and then hack some folks to death with. If Hamas is allowed to consolidate power Israel will have Iranian proxy armies on two borders and with the UN supervising Hezbollah's re-supply they both are ready for some summertime Joooo killin'.

Now while enough Palestinians were sick of the corruption and incompetence of Fatah, party of the excremental Arafat, to elect Hamas, I don't think the majority were really looking for civil war, wholesale slaughter and imposition of old school Sharia law. I know Abbas and Fatah can't be thrilled with the ongoing decimation of their ranks. So if they don't want to live in Hamastan and Israel doesn't need an Islamist paradise next door, and we certainly can't view the entrenchment of an Iranian proxy as a plus, don't we have grounds for some kind of grand alliance here? I think we ought to give them a mulligan on democracy.

If there is ever to be peace between Israel and the Palestinians some mutual need must be established. Why can't an Israeli-Fatah alliance supported by a little Great Satan firepower end the civil war and deliver Palestine? Especially after delivering a wicked beatdown to the barbarians currently befouling their own home. Abbas can declare martial law and state that elections will recommence after a period of national reconciliation, and as a condition for our help his government signs a treaty recognizing Israel at the 1967 borders. We and Israel recognize a Palestinian state, followed by the UN and voila a new era of peace and prosperity breaks out worldwide. I mean what could go wrong?