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June 2007

Yes, We Have Noticed

Yes, we have noticed the interesting activity in the comments, including the rather lame effort at hijacking the handles of regular and well-regarded participants.  If you are a regular poster and see a comment attributed to you that you did not make, then drop an e-mail to Blackfive (or Grim, myself, or Jimbo) and we will take care of it.  

If you are one of the trolls and you or a group invested in the IP hopping, you might want to consider getting your money back. Just a thought.

One final note: don't take some things at face value. If someone sounds like a caricature, such as what a moonbat thinks a wingnut sounds like, might want to consider that they might not be what they seem. Excessive hyperventilation might be a distraction...

Oh, and on a personal note, most of the troll droppings are pretty lame, IMO. Not even good entertainment value.


Canadians on Patrol


Pvt. Matt Oakley, a Canadian soldier from India Company, 2nd Batallion, Royal Canadian Regiment (2 RCR) takes a quick breather, June 18, on a pre-dawn patrol near the Forward Operating Base (OB) at Ma'sum Ghar, Afghanistan. About 2,500 members of the Canadian Forces (CF) are currently serving as part of Joint Task Force Afghanistan. Most of the soldiers are stationed at Kandahar Airfield and at Camp Nathan Smith, Canada's Provincial reconstruction Team (PRT) in Kandahar City. Other personnel are assigned to various military headquarters, a support base, and civilian organizations. They play a key role in the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force mission whose goal is to improve the security situation in Afghanistan and assist in rebuilding the country. (Photo by Master Cpl. Kevin Paul, Canadian Forces Combat Camera)



Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), The Honorable Dr. Donald C. Winter, uses a remote device to bring the SEAL Insertion, Observation and Neutralization (SEALION) craft into port at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek. SEALION is a Technology Demonstrator craft for the U.S. Navy. Photographer: Seaman Shawn P. Eklund

To Readers In England, Wales, and Scotland

Yesterday was interesting, today just upped the ante. Be careful out there.


I made this back in 05 based on an older roundel that you still see in some areas and older stations. I have used and liked the tube since I was 12, and thought it appropriate to express my opinion. The Gaelic is from my Clan, and means Fierce When Roused. May those who seek to oppress, or engage in terror, learn that it applies to far more than just Clan Donnachaidh (Robertson and Duncan, along with a host of sept names; the Clan being one of the few that kept the Gaelic name).


UPDATE: Sky News is reporting Blackpool airport being closed by armed police; other reports are indicating other activity as well. To our readers over there: Be careful. To the rest, keep them in your thoughts, and think a bit about how British troops fighting are now having to worry about their families.

US, Polish, and Iraqi SF Engage Militia


U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers fire on militia positions in the Jamhoori District during Operation Jackal in Diwaniyah, Iraq, June 3. Photographer - Sergeant Rob Summit.


An 8th Iraqi Army special forces soldier fires on militia positions during Operation Jackal in Diwaniyah, Iraq, June 3.


Polish and U.S. Army Special Forces advance on militia gunmen during Operation Jackal in Diwaniyah, Iraq, June 3.

Western media and Democrats ape Japanese propaganda

On the list of simple, profound and sad observations, Strategy Page notes just how closely the efforts of our loyal opposition and their media organs mimic the Japanese during WWII. h/t as always

But recently, the troops have been passing around an interesting discovery. Namely, that the Japanese psychological warfare effort during World War II included radio broadcasts that could be picked up by American troops. Popular music was played, but the commentary (by one of several English speaking Japanese women) always hammered away on the same points;

1 Your President (Franklin D Roosevelt) is lying to you.

2 This war is illegal.

3 You cannot win the war.

Both the media and the Democratic leadership have been relentlessly hammering this message for years and their efforts have borne the current 67% disapproval of the war. The sad thing is they have done better than the Japanese by leveraging their undeserved credibility as message bearers. 

After the shameful and weak showing by the Democrats I hope all Americans will see that they have put politics above our security. A withdrawal from Iraq prior to finalizing security measures would be tragic for them, us and the entire region. The Dems care more about ensuring W is charged with a loss, than assuring our ability to maintain peace around the world. If they get their way, bin Laden gets a W against not just W but against the Great Satan against America, do you think that will be enough? HA! We know better, that bastard and Islamists worldwide are watching and if we cut and run we will prove (again) that we are incapable of a sustained effort anywhere.

Oh, and Dick Lugar ought to find himself a big glass of STFU! I have written off the left, but for someone nominally on the President's team to stab our troops in the front by saying an effort barely underway is lost, is a disgrace. I am constantly amazed by politician's ability to constantly find ways to lower themselves.

Some things to see

Mike Yon - indispensable resource.

SGT Guardsman has created a great video tribute about the children of soldiers.

And here's a video of the 2nd BCT of the 10th Mountain Division making it's 100th Air Assault yesterday (June 28th, 2007). Scenes include night vision footage of Soldiers waiting to load into helicopters before the mission, riding in helicopters and patrolling the Iraqi countryside. Video by Sgt. Scott Pittillo and Spc. Alexandria Corneiro.

[The Blackfive Military Video Channel on YouTube is located here (attacks, memorials, briefings, rescues, and some Guinness.]

[Uncle Jimbo's YouTube Channel is here (for righteous Friday Free-Flys among other things).]

Immigration defeat a win for Social Security

Congrats to Michelle and the rest of the immigration crusaders, this was a win for the power of new media. I sat this out mostly because I am pro-amnesty and I didn't want my ass kicked.

Plus this helps our beleagured Social Security system, how you ask? Well every illegal alien using a fake SSN pays into the system by FICA taxes and they can't ever collect so....net gain for the system.

Crazy eh?

QandO fisks Juan Cole ("The Surge is Lost!")

McQ at QandO has a righteous and mighty fisking of those who believe that the Surge is a failure:

...Part two, of course, is the "80 percent of the guerrilla leadership there had slipped away" meme. I pointed out previously that his number would be the bone opponents to the war would grab and run with. And Cole is no exception.

As expected, Cole states the "offensive" is a failure and implies that's the primary reason. But as pointed out previously, that has little if anything to do with the primary mission. What it points out, however, is Cole's complete misunderstanding of the purpose of the operation in Babuqua...