Congress to investigate Camp Falcon attack
Op-For's CPT 1LT Noonan on Ft Dix Six

YouTube, Myspace & the troops

Just a note on the YouTube, MySpace ban. Aside from losing access to the award-winning, world-renowned videos I do, the troops would be missing out on the video Mom put up of the baby's first steps that Daddy missed because he was busy keeping the world safe for democracy. FFS DOD, bandwidth is a commodity buy some more if you need it, all the telecom companies have tons of dark fiber laid carrying nothing. If you are gonna keep troops away from their families for 15 months at a shot you owe them the best contact possible with their families. If you are not willing to do that you have no right to ask those sacrifices.

I'm not a Doonesbury fan, but I think most of us can find his stories about soldiers getting chewed out by their wives for being late back from a patrol pretty comical and pretty on point.