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Moonbat Memorial Day

So here in the Mad City the Vets for Peace and the usual suspects decided the way to honor our war dead, on the one day a year we set aside for that, was to have an anti-war peace rally. I wish it was surprising but I have come to the conclusion that they absolutely do not understand and they proved it today in every way.

My buddy Don came up from Chi-Town on a Yamaha motorcycle as big as a truck and we rolled out to the show to see how the left would honor those who today was for. They had anti-war BS and every flavor of agit-prop, but not a single solitary moment in 2 1/2 hours mentioned the sacrifices of all the men and women since 1776 who made it possible for them to whine, and whine they did. I filmed most of it and it was drivel. If anyone has a single moment where our war dead were honored in this  I will recant, 'cuz I didn't hear any, and that chafed my cones.

The cast:

The speakers were unimportant and showed that in their ignorance and naivete, I will link to the local paper's story on this once they post it UPDATE , the reporter's name is Matt DeFour, and as much as I slag the MSM, he was there the whole excruciating length and he sought out the voices  of all interested, BRAVO . Although, Once again I scoop(ed) them (Fools, Mwah ha, oh never mind, yawn).

But the local Free Speech coalition was fun.

Will Williams is a well known anti-war etc. Vietnam vet always reslpendent in a black beret. I had interviewed him once prior and apparently he was unhappy with how wrong he sounded and accuses me of editing him. Nope, you are what you are. Today he acts the fool, and suspects my vids go straight to the NSA, Duh!

Bald Iraq vet guy- This one reminded me of Tom Cruise, crazy and unaware how crazy he is or seems. I lament the lack of video to show him tweaking, it's 'cuz I shut the film off when I thought he was gonna hit me. Now I was totally cool with taking a shot, but I  am not Jackass so my gear is precious. I shut and moved the cam and then had a nice tet a tet with bald Tom Cruise- verdict, Unhinged, but not dumb enough to hit me.

Acid Man- This guy called me a fascist, pig, nazi, neo-con, traitor, and many more lovely things. He is just a perfect "never left the 60's" freak.

Nuff Said, in their own words, well..... up until I jump up on their stage and Punk 'em. Language warning, mostly them, but a little me. HotAir understands.

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