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UPDATE: Funding delays killing the troops

More information coming from a source in the Senate:

In a recent letter to Congress, Secretary Gates has pointed out that "the lack of timely supplemental funds has limited the Department's ability to properly contract for the reconstitution of equipment for both the active and reserve forces."  Specifically, he said that, in addition to slowing down the training of "Iraqi security forces"…

"the funding delay negatively impacts our forces in the field by needlessly delaying the accelerated fielding of new force protection capabilities such as the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle and counter-IED technologies…"

Senator Biden recently wrote a letter, saying that "it is imperative that we ensure there are adequate supplemental appropriations for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicles. […] These are literally life-saving vehicles. [ …] Simply stated, MRAPs are critical to the protection of our troops."  [I've attached the letter as a JPG]

Biden also said " It would be unconscionable not to get as many MRAPS as possible into the field as fast as possible."

Meanwhile, it has been 95 days since the President first sent the supplemental to Congress, and the Democrats are spending their time trying to appease

", in particular, has played a key behind-the-scenes role in the months […]  Fearing that Democrats ultimately will surrender and give Bush the money he wants, the organization sent Reid and Pelosi a letter saying that if Democrats "appear to capitulate to Bush on Iraq, MoveOn will move to a position of opposition."

Somebody's got some splaining to do. "NANCY!, you bettah have a good reason for keeling our soldiers". I posted a letter earlier that I got from B5 reader Karl who helps build the MRAP.

I am a machinist and am working on parts for the RG33's (I work for a subcontractor of a subcontractor here in central PA). We've been busting our butts to get these parts done on time, 12-15 hour days. I keep stressing to my co-workers how important it is to get these done - I'd hate to be one day late, having these trucks arrive a day late to the field because we were late with our parts and making a Soldier ride another day in something less protective instead of something that could have saved their lives.

Not so fast Mr. Man, Harry, Nancy, Murtha and the rest of the brain trust of our enlightened, loyal and oh so supportive of the troops, opposition have another idea. MRAPs be damned we can score some political points against the hated W. If we ever needed a starker example of exactly how the left supports the troops now you have it. But wait it's even more reprehensible.

Deadlocked Bill May Halt Troop Carriers

…to date, no American troops have died while riding in one. But efforts to buy thousands more carriers — each costing about $1 million — could be delayed if the White House and Congress do not resolve their deadlock over a $124.2 billion war spending bill.

Saving Soldiers

The Pentagon plans to order as many as 8,000 more to replace the more vulnerable Humvees.

Problem is, a large chunk of the $8 billion earmarked for their purchase is tied up in squabbling over funding for the Iraq War. Democrats are holding funds hostage to a timetable for withdrawal. […] It's outrageous that lawmakers — knowing that these vehicles are proven lifesavers — aren't doing everything they can to help the Pentagon move as many of them into the field as possible.

It is time to call them out on their "support". These people are not only aiding and comforting our enemies abroad, but crippling our ability to protect our soldiers in the field. I am unable to even see them as patriotic Americans any more. If you are capable of stabbing our troops right in the front, then you have forsaken your country and shamed yourself in ways I can't begin to describe. Do we really think the American people voted to deny our troops in the field armored vehicles? We need to make the Dems pay for this. Time to run up the Jolly Roger, and start slitting some throats me thinks (figuratively for now). Alert Ace