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Total media domination

I don't know if this is a trend, but it's been a fun week or so. First a guest shot on CNN, then some quality talk radio and now the ever popular local news.

I work one block from the Capitol and my walk home took me past the usual suspects protesting W's veto of the Troop Withdrawal & Obscene Pork bill. I looked and saw my main man Miles the anarchist beatin' and chantin' and then I saw an old guy in a green beret. Hmmm, I said wonder what that is. He had a non-Bancroft beret with a non-standard de Opresso crest and a non-SF unit crest on it. About then the Channel 3 guy asked to interview him so I listened. He introduced himself as joining Special Forces in 1956, so if he was in then he was hanging out w/ Aaron Banks. Anyhow I will catch his name tonight when the news airs.

The news guy eyes the crowd and sees a bunch of old hippies and me. So he asks if I would like to retort. Well.......that's a tough one.

I will grab the video at 10 pm tonight central. If you are a Madison homie and you saw this on Channel 3 say hey in the comments and "come on back now 'ya hear".