The 2007 MilBlog Conference - Flash Report
Major Jim Gant - Someone You Should Know

The Stories You Don't Know

The most popular series on is Someone You Should Know.  Also, check out Someone You Should Know Radio podcasts (from Pundit Review Radio also available at iTunes).

Two of the best resources are MilBlogs and also highlights some of the military blogs.

Spouses are probably the biggest force multiplier that the military has. is coming to Camp Pendleton next weekend.  I continue to be impressed by this group of women and men.

Acute Politics and Badgers Forward, among others, are frequently mentioned as great writers in the war zone (Iraq).

American Soldier, returned home from Iraq, has some thoughts about Walter Reed.

More to follow...

Update:  Pundit Review's Kevin Whalen visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center and interviewed some of our wounded troops.  Great post.  Must read/listen to the podcasts.

Update 2:  Griff's Notes (Producer/journalist for Fox News and Fox Radio) has a spot about the MilBlog Conference.