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The nutroots new favorite General

Every few months the nutroots manage to find a General, usually retired, who is willing to publicly join the other team and mouth the anti-war sentiment. The latest is Gen. Batiste, who commanded 1st ID in Iraq and has been no fan of W's. He has an anti-war ad that  paints the picture of W and his bubble of advisers ignoring the "Generals" and consequently we should bring the boys and girls back home. Nice idea, fundamentally flawed, but a reasonable position and sentiment. But look at what he was saying just six months ago. Video of the ad and more at Hot Air.

Indeed, General Batiste has recently written that pending the training of an effective Iraqi force, it may be necessary to deploy tens of thousands of additional “coalition troops.”

Well now General, that seems to be a complete about face in only half a year. Now I've been paying fairly good attention over that period and you'll have to excuse me if I failed to notice any changes that would justify such a complete change in such an important position. I understand that no one is required to have unlimited patience and that the situation in Iraq is incredibly frustrating but to abandon your comrades and join the other team is a sorry solution, Sir.

This leads me to what is becoming a recurring theme, so I will make it one.

Uncle Jimbo's Simple Truths

The first was- You can't end a war, you either win or lose.
Then- Wars are not conducted based on opinion polls

Now- The Defense Dept is a diverse place with Generals of every flavor

When we decide to do something complicated, oh like invade a country to depose a dictator, multiple plans are created and evaluated before a course of action is chosen. So if three plans are prepared and only one implemented, then my calculations say two were rejected. Those planners and those who agree with their plan will often be miffed and occasionally righteously indignant that their plan, which was obviously the best, was overlooked for some reason other than merit. It doesn't happen every time, but it certainly happens.

There is also a belief that military folks have a monolithic conservative viewpoint that is interchangeable. While there is a majority that has a hawkish, right wing view, there are also every variety of political affiliation in play and  there are Democrats , liberals and even  progressives in uniform. This virtually ensures that you can find high ranking individuals who are opposed to the current policies and strategies employed. Add the differences of political opinion to those about strategy and tactics and voila, you get Gen. Batiste sounding like a front man for MoveOn. So nothing to see here folks, MoveOn.