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The Body Armor Wars - Dragon Skin VS. Interceptor Body Armor

The fight over body armor approved by the DoA and the DoD continues to heat up.  It's been ugly, but appears to be getting uglier. 

Here is where it sort of began in the Internets.  Dragon Skin versus IBA.

Slab at Op-For writes about the body armor issue - I think he makes solid points, especially addressing concerns in the Comments.  More here, here and here. (FYI - the Professional Soldier thread is gone but the oringinal analysis by Reaper is still posted.  I 100% concur with Slab's eval of Reaper's creds and intent).

Defense Tech has more here and here evaluating the armor issue.

The Captain's Journal has a good piece about the "controversy" today.  I think he's got it right - that, to put this issue to bed and to ensure that our troops have the best possible equipment, somebody (*cough* Congress!) needs to pay for an independent panel.