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SpouseBuzz Live in San Diego

STATEMENT: Military Spouses are the best that America has to offer.

Can I get a Hooah, Oorah, and Booyah?

Okay, simmer down out there, we love our military spouses and families, and has gone to great lengths to support them.'s efforts to support military spouses, (led by Andi of Andi's World) will be at the San Diego Convention Center this weekend.  Here is SpouseBuzz's mission:

SpouseBUZZ is your virtual Family Support Group, where we can celebrate and embrace the tie that binds us all -- military service. This blog exists because of you. We have authors and contributors to keep the conversation going here, but we need you to become an active participant. Submit your comments, questions and suggestions for topics you would like to see our authors address. SpouseBUZZ will make you think, make you laugh and make you cry. Most of all, we hope you feel instantly connected to the thousands of other spouses with whom you share a common experience.

At the SpouseBuzz Live event on the 12th, there will be free daycare for children of attendees (the first 200 children), free parking, discussions about blogging, support, empowerment, and experiences around being a military spouse.  Here is the link to the agenda

Military family members are a substantial force multiplier.  The family panel at the 2007 Military Blog Conference had two SpouseBuzz members - ArmyWifeToddlerMom and Sarah from Trying to GrokAWTM, excellent as usual, writes about our connectedness within the community:

I stood there for a moment, and recollected all of the words I have read, written Robert Stokley. and how on many occassion I have just been unable to read them, and have cried onto my keyboard, unable to see the screen.

So I hugged Mr. Stokely...

and felt inadequate again.  There was nothing I could say...

AWTM:  "I am so sorry for the loss of your Son."

And I stood in front of Mr. Stokley with tears in my eyes.  And much to my amazement, he grabs my hand.

Robert Stokely: "I need to thank all of you bloggers for giving me my life back, I have to be strong for my family, I need to be the rock, and you folks have given me a place where I can talk about Mike, and I do not have to be that rock...."

And I stood there in tears in front of Mr. Stokely absolutely at a loss, and feeling ashamed of them.

AWTM:  "I need to thank you, because Mike gave all, and your family has really sacrificed more than most of us will ever feel."

Robert Stokely, then wrapped his arms around me and gave me a huge hug... 

While we, perhaps much of the time, do not understand what our spouses experience,
Sarah at Trying to Grok explains that the lack of understanding goes both ways:

...I pointed out to my husband something that every servicemember needs to remember when he thinks of his family back home. We’ve never been to Iraq or Afghanistan. We don’t know what it’s like. We imagine the worst, and our mental war zone would probably seem cartoonish to you. But we simply can’t fully grasp what war is like. And while you know when you’re safe or bored or having a slow day, we don’t. Many times you can see danger coming if you have to go on a mission and you can emotionally prepare yourself to let slip the dogs of war; we have to stay emotionally prepared for the entire deployment, never sure of when your mortality is on the line. Your deployment is filled with the ebb and flow of adrenaline; your life is monotonous days punctuated by moments of anxiety or excitement; our adrenaline is always half-on, since every moment that we’re not on the phone with you is a moment when you’re possibly in danger. Such is the life for those on the homefront, those who stand and wait. Such is the life my husband can’t begin to understand, any more than I can really understand his...

Eloquently put.

So, if you're a military spouse in the San Diego area consider meeting up with your peers at SpouseBuzz Live.  Sarah and AWTM and the rest will have plenty to talk about and will most likely make you laugh and cry, and certainly make us all realize how connected we really are...