A Hero's Words to an Iraqi Hero - Major Gant - Someone You Should Know - Follow Up
Dem funding delays killing troops?

Simple Truths- Peacetime v. Wartime Militaries

The new series started because I see so many simple facts mis-represented and it chafes. So in response to the latest General trotted out by the left to bolster their attempt to end the war without losing it and run it via opinion polls viola (n. sp.). For a good look at the media Generals this seems to have it down about perfect. Just a note, YouTube picks which frame is the pic for the video embed and recently they have been picking chumpy shots of me. I may call for fire from a drone.


The previous PSAs

Uncle Jimbo's Simple Truths

The first was- You can't end a war, you either win or lose.
Then- Wars are not conducted based on opinion polls

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