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Ranger Kanaan Merriken - Someone You Should Know Radio

Bruce McQuain from QandO is now telling the stories of Someone You Should Know at Pundit Review Radio:

We are honored to have Bruce Mc Quain from QandO as regular part of the program.  Bruce will be handling the Someone You Should Know series moving forward.   Matt Burden from Blackfive strongly recommended that Bruce take over. 

Why is Bruce such a great fit?  On QandO, he has done a series very similar to Someone You Should Know.  Project Hero tells the stories of those who were awarded the Silver Star. Bruce spent 28 years in the US military, is a Vietnam veteran, a Ranger and...was a member of the 82nd Airborne.

Go here to listen to it or you can download it at iTunes.  There are two podcasts at the link - the first introduced Bruce and the second is the someone you should know segment.

I had talked to Kevin at Pundit Review for a few weeks about getting Bruce to take over the SYSK Radio segment and we were able to "convince" Bruce to improve SYSK Radio.  It's tough for me to let it go after all of the time I spent with Kevin, Gregg and Rob building the SYSK segment into a popular piece, and I wanted to ensure that the tradition, respect, and accuracy continued.  Bruce was one of a very small group of vets I could think of to take over...listen to the segment and you'll see exactly why.