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Palestinians and their oh so civil war

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - An Israeli helicopter launched missiles at a Hamas command center in the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, killing at least four people, after Hamas fired rocket barrages into
Israel in an apparent attempt to draw it into the Palestinian infighting.

Israeli aircraft later attacked a car carrying a group of Hamas militants, Palestinian security officials said. The Israeli army was investigating the claim.

Meanwhile, Hamas gunmen fatally shot six guards from the rival Fatah movement and mistakenly ambushed a jeep carrying their own fighters, killing five. In all, 16 Palestinians were killed in Palestinian infighting Wednesday — the bloodiest day since violence broke out in the Gaza Strip four days ago.

Emphasis and accompanying giggling mine. I have heard rumblings about Jordan taking over adminstration of the West Bank and Egypt running Gaza. This is about the only solution that bears any hope for the short term as the Palestinians have a 50 year track record of horrendous behavior.