Mike Yon with a Message from General Petraeus
Congress to investigate Camp Falcon attack

Military Ban on YouTube and MySpace

Been getting and fielding lots of calls from the media about the "new" ban on social networking web sites.  Haven't those sites (YouTube, MySpace, etc.) been on the URL (web site address) filter list at most bases?  Heck, I had to spend a lot of time trying to get Blackfive un-blocked at some USAF installations, and we're still blocked by some administrators (blame Uncle Jimbo and his quest for media domination).  I think the difference now is that soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan depend on the .mil networks to communicate with family and friends back home.  And if that ban includes MySpace, one more outlet will be unavailable to them.

Besides, most companies here in the US ban MySpace as a productivity issue because you should be working, not seeing how cool you are with your ten new "friends".

The PAO guys were saying that this is a bandwidth issue with a secondary operation security benefit.  That sent the red flags up that this was part of a larger "crackdown" on freedom of speech, etc.

We'll have to see how this shakes out.  The PAO guys are saying that this "new" ban does not impact the Internet Cafe tents on the FOBs in Iraq and Afghanistan.  [I'd like to hear from you all in Iraq or Afghanistan about this.  Maybe we can clear this little issue up rather quickly.]

So, the military bans YouTube.  I have a serious question:

How are General Petraeus' public affairs guys going to upload videos to their very own MNF-I YouTube channel now?