Who's Got the Special Operations Marines' Backs?...WE DO!
The Fallen Lion - Godspeed Major Doug Zembiec

Milbloggers talking to MKH

Man did I get cheated by not being at the conference last week. Not only did I miss the pub crawl, but I heard Ward Carroll almost wet himself with relief when he heard I was absent. I was absent with leave but still a shame, and now it's worse 'cuz I missed the chance to answer questions from Mary Katharine Ham. Dag, and I have some really excellent answers for her too. Hopefully I can get a mulligan. Here are some luminaries of the milblogosphere and their pretty good answers. I think I recognize a few of them.

HamNation- The Milbloggers take over

Oh and I've been informed that I need cool tunage like MKH for my vids. Noted.