Mememorial Day - "Remember..."
Bagpipes Cryin' - Navy SEAL poem to Tribute Song

Memorial Day - Thank You From Those Left Behind

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about Blackfive's Fallen, But Never Forgotten series is that soldiers and family members leave messages about those who've given all.

From SSG Buehler about SPC Ross McGinnis (who saved his life):

SPC McGinnis was a great soldier and I am alive due to his sacrifice. I was the driver of the vehicle the day we lost Ross to a cowardly enemy. I thank God everyday for blessing me with the opportunity to serve with such a brave man. For those of you that think the award process is moving to slow just know that it is seen and evaluated by many people in our chain of command. I as well would like to see it ASAP. The award requires alot of diagrams, witness statements from all who were there, and those that approve and later send to congress need to see what happened in detail otherwise they would be giving awards based on word of mouth.

I agree with SSG Troy Smith, it is carefully looked over so that no fraudelant cases arise. I have no doubt in my mind that he will receive the nation's highest honor for his heroism. God bless his family and parents for raising such a wonderful person, soldier, friend, and brother!
Rest in Peace Ross.  Gone, but never forgotten!
I love you little brother.  Thank you for my continued life here on earth and I look forward to seeing you in heaven.

From Ken Hayes about Marine Major Doug Zembiec:

It was my honor and privilege to serve with you Sir you were the best leader any one could have ever had, with tears in my eyes I remember seeing tears in yours as we all mourned the losses of E co 2/1. in fallujah of 04 I will never forget those days Sir. with tears in my eyes now I mourn the loss of you, my Skipper, a man among men. our heart have suffered a great loss, I wished every one knew you. I dont know if I can make it to your procession but my heart cries out and goes to you your wife, daughter and family. As your Marine and brother I will always remember what you told us when we suffered a loss "we must keep fighting, we must keep going on, cause thats what they would do for us they would want us to keep fighting" I will keep fighting Sir. You will always be in my heart Skipper I love you brother. I am so sorry for your loss and words cannot express my pain Mrs Zembiec He was a Father to me in the most darkest times of my life he was the figure of hope for Echo company, My utmost resepct and Love goes to your Husband, you and your daughter, I will always be praying for you. It just breaks my heart so much.

From a post honoring SFC Callahan:

SFC Callahan, all i can say is that you will be missed. you lead me through the first invation into iraq and was my unwavering squad leader through good times and bad. your leadership helped make me the NCO that i am today. you tought me how to be a paratrooper and a professional. theres not a day that i don't think back to the Battle for Al Samawa and i can still hear you yelling at us in your squad "GET UP THERE" with you thick Boston accent.

you will be missed by all.


There's more in the series than I can post.

And, at Pundit Review Radio, our SYSK list includes comments from love ones.  I'll close with this one from Jason Cunningham's sister.  Jason made a decision on the side of a mountain that cost him his life, but saved many others, just like a PJ would:

My name is Lori Marquis I am the sister of Jason Cunningham who was recently featured on your show as ”Someone you should know” I have to say I am incredibly proud of Matt he really did his research on my brother and he got everything right and for that I truly Thank him. One of the classroom’s at Lackland AFB was recently named after Jason and that in itself meant so much to his family since the loss of him there have been many memorial’s and sites named after him and each time it is a truly amazing honor but I can not tell how much it meant to and sit and listen to your broadcast and share with the world what a great hero he was. I also think it is so awesome what you do with this segment everyday I watch the news and see a small bleep about a fallen solider my heart sinks for there family for I know the long road they face. So this broadcast is an amazing way to tell people that there son,husband,father or brother will not be forgotten Thank You so much for the comfort you bring to other’s this experinece with be with me forever…
Thank You
Lori (Cunningham) Marquis