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JR and Josie Salzman and John Kriesel


Above is a photo of football rivals and military brothers...JR Salzman in Packers wear and John Kriesel representing the Vikings.

JR and Josie Salzman attended the milblog conference.  It was great to see them.  JR brought the book that survived the IED blast and was interviewed by the Gateway Pundit.

JR's blog is here and Josie has started a blog called Life in a Cracker Box.  Here's an excerpt:

...I just ran out the door and met J.R. in occupational therapy. I arrived just in time to see my husband run off on a field trip with fellow soldiers to Home Depot. I can only pray that the therapist taking J.R. into that store knows what he is in for. Many times have I been suckered into a "quick" run to Home Depot only to follow my husband as he continues his quest to own every tool known to man kind. This often takes a short eternity leaving me tired, crabby, and poor. But today I can sit back and enjoy some time alone as he bonds with men wearing orange aprons...

And a local Fox Station (hosted by the National Guard) has an interview with JR posted here (video).

Here's some donation and information if you'd like to help John or JR.  They didn't ask me to post this.  I'm asking you to support them.

For John Kriesel (Come on, Viking fans!):

    Soldiers Angels
    ATTEN: John Kriesel Bed Fund
    1792 E. Washington Blvd
    Pasadena, Ca 91104

For JR Salzman (Packers!):

    JR Salzman Fund
    Associated Bank
    PO Box 636
    10526 Main
    Hayward, WI 54843