First Muslim Aviator to Command Squadron
Mike Yon with a Message from General Petraeus

JD Johannes is Looking for the Civil War

JD is back in Iraq (he's the director/camera-man/former Marine of "Outside the Wire").  From his latest post (today):

Looking for That Civil War We are Bogged Down in
Written by JD Johannes
    Monday, 14 May 2007

Quick Note:

I've been out living among the Iraqi Police.  Some people would say I was living among the Jaysh al Mahdi  but I don't think the police are 100% JAM, maybe 10% JAM and 90% display the usual arab work ethic which is, uh, somewhere below the French work ethic.

After spending 2 weeks looking for the civil war raging in Baghdad I've decided that Arabs must do civil wars the way they do everything else--lackadaisically...

Read the whole post.  And I totally know what he's talking about...

And for the helluvit (because it rocks), I'm reposting his trailer for Outside the Wire.


At Outside the Wire - you can read the bios of the Marines shown in the documentary, check in on JD's blog or buy the DVD.